This is it, welcome to 4th year!

We are busy preparing a rewarding & exciting journey for you and our industry partners to explore in 2018 - get ready to take your first big step by submitting your Industry Innovation Project (IIP) preferences. Voting opens on the 19th of February.

This site is where you will vote for your top 10 IIPs  - you must select 10 projects before submitting, and can only vote for each project once.
Note: Some organisations have opted to pitch TWO project statements – in this case, please vote for the project you would prefer. The most popular project will be chosen, unless there are enough students for TWO teams – then both projects will run.

Once you're in the preferences tool, you can review each project by Company Name and Mission statement. To access further detail, just click on the grey drop down menu (left hand-side) to download & view other supporting documents - such as an outline of their own Intellectual Property agreement, additional briefs and FAQs.  It is incredibly important that you read and use this information to make a considered decision in preferencing your IIP.

We encourage partners to allow students to retain any NEW IP generated through this project, however in reality, this isn’t always possible. To be involved, some partners require IP ownership and may also wish the students to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement for existing IP they work with for this project. This is standard business practice but you all have access to UTS Student Legal Services, who can provide free, independent legal advice so you understand what you’re being asked to sign.

If you do not like the IP arrangement for a particular project, then simply do not vote for it.  

To begin, select Log In in the top left corner, and log in using your UTS credentials. Once logged in click through to the Placements tab (above), find the purple Preferences button! This will only appear when voting commences on the 19th of February.

Voting closes Friday 2nd March.
 You won’t be able to make any selections after this point.

Please do not hesitate in contacting the Industry Partnerships team should you have any questions.