UTS Professional Experience for Undergraduate Teacher Ed

Professional Experience Office Hours

Monday to Friday, 8am to 4.30pm 

Staff are currently working remotely

Primary Placements Teached1@uts.edu.au
Sue Rohanna Tel:  9514 5409
Professional Experience Coordinator

Secondary Placements Teached2@uts.edu.au
Karnik Shah Tel:  9514 5289
Professional Experience Officer

Mandatory Checks TeachedAdmin@uts.edu.au
Tess Hutley Tel:  9514 5622
Administration Support Officer


Mandatory Checks are required to be completed and standards achieved, prior to students attending any in school professional experience placements.

Upload all documents to the Documents tab on your student portal in MyPlacement.

• WORKING WITH CHILDREN CHECK - Organise your Working With Children Check as soon as you have enrolled.
 CHILD PROTECTION - Complete the module in UTS Online, print off certificate.
 ANAPHYLAXIS TRAINING - Complete the module, upload an unsigned copy of your certificate - when attending your school placement ask your supervising teacher to witness you demonstrate the use of an epipen.  Ask them to sign your certificate - upload document
• INHERENT REQUIREMENTS - Read the document, sign form. 
• LANTITE (Literacy and Numeracy tests) - The required standards should be completed prior to the end of your third year or earlier


• Collect your information pack prior to commencing placement
• Contact your supervising teacher prior to attending any placement 
• Take your Mandatory Checks information with you when attending any placement 
• Return your PEx Report and Attendance Sheet to the dropbox OPPOSITE THE PEX OFFICE (CB10.04.313) AS SOON AS YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR PLACEMENT 
• Ensure your 'My Details' page in MyPlacement states whether or not you have a car 
• If you are undertaking a secondary major please nominate what discipline you are doing